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1st for Architectural design and planning
Experts in Architectural Design & Planning
We are a team of dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in practical architectural design and interior design.  With an extensive portfolio of experience on UK and international properties.  From single storey extensions on residential properties through to complete new development sites of mixed use.


At the heart of any functional property  is its design, we design around our clients needs.


Planning is curicual and initial part of any proposed development with have huge expertise in this field.


Sadly it is a fact that on average 50% of planning application fail with 80% appeals being successful.


All  too often properties are designed without input from occupants, this leads to the design being impractical for the occupants.  We at 1st Planning enure that designs not only meet planning requirements but also the design meets the occupants needs.


Sad truth is that many planning applications are refused as they as are poorly  designed, often builders merely copy a scheme from another hoping it will be approved and ignore the planning requirements for specific for to the property, Our experts have a wealth of experience in this field as this is our core business we are not a construction company but construction and planning is our expertise.


A Sad fact is that nearly half of all planning applications are refused.  This is largely due to poor understanding of the planning rules and regulations.  It is also a fact that over 80% of all planning appeals are successful at 1st Planning we are happy to discuss applications which may have been refused our experts can often pin point reasons with a simple review and most importantly provide you with the expert advice and guidance to make most appeals sucessful.

200+ Satisfied Customers

“1st Planning were there to advise and help throughout, they introduced many ideas which we hadn’t considered, it made the build very smooth.” Janet Renolds

“We have used 1st Planning on our 3rd home now, the team are as passionate about the design as we were, they are always available to guide and assist our builder, We added a double storey side and rear extension our house is now twice the size.” Sara Blankenship

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